Why HB’s Skin Boutique proudly uses Dermalogica®

As the owner of the boutique I wanted to work with a product that I truly believe in. I use Dermalogica on my skin and have been using only Dermalogica for the past 10 years. I’ve seen the change in my skin and want that for my clients. When I discovered Dermalogica I was dealing with adult acne from stress and hormonal changes. I had used so many different product lines. I tried lines from the dermatoligist, products that were advertised on TV, products from department stores, and drug stores. All leaving me very frustrated. Then I went to school to become an Esthetician and my school was a partnership school with Dermalogica. Everything changed at that point for my skin. I no longer struggle with breakouts and have been told I look much younger than I am. Dermalogica has proven itself to this girl!

The professional skin care line Dermalogica has integrity with the ingredients that they chose to use in their products. They believe in science and nature. Dermalogica’s products come in segments. Age smart, ultra calming, active clearing, clear start, daily skin health, and power bright TRx. All segments can be customized with each other to achieve healthy skin. Many people of all ages suffer from different conditions on their skin and may have more then one to deal with. Which is why their segments are designed to work with each other. You can truly customize your at-home-care everyday as I customize your skin treatments together we will be on the road to your healthiest skin ever!

Dermalogica believes in addressing the 5 senses in their treatments. Sight, scent, taste, sound, and touch. Because I embrace their philosophy you will be taken on a sensorial experience and will be left with the Dermalogica glow. You will not need to pick the anti aging facial or the sensitive skin facial. If I see the issue I treat the issue. That is because Dermalogica doesnt leave it up to the client to pick what they thick they might need. That is up to the professional!

Dermalogica is used only by true professional skin care therapists, it’s manufactrued and distributed in the United States, and never tests on animals.