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clean touch certified

Prior to booking your appointment, please sign my consultation form and email it to leah@hbsskinboutique.com or print and bring it with you.

HB’s Skin Boutique is Dermalogica Clean Touch Certified.

I can’t wait to see you and want to reassure my much-loved clients that I am doing everything in my power to get prepared to see you again, safely.

I’m happy to announce that I have undergone the Dermalogica Clean Touch Certification and will be implementing the 12 Principles for Enhanced Safety at your next treatment.

These principles ensure the safety for myself and my clients throughout your entire visit:

  1. We prescreen clients and employees for sickness and contact with confirmed COVID-19 cases.
  2. We recommend that clients in high-risk, vulnerable groups not get treatments.
  3. We maintain physical distancing in common areas.
  4. Masks are required in common areas, we wear clean masks, face shields and aprons during treatments.
  5. We wash and sanitize hands repeatedly.
  6. We recommend thorough hand washing instead of gloves.
  7. We disinfect professional use products after each use.
  8. Our beds are clean with freshly laundered linens for each client.
  9. We clean and disinfect all equipment and surfaces before use.
  10. We store clean and dirty items and tools separately.
  11. We disinfect high-touch areas at least hourly
  12. We clean retail testers before and after use, apply testers to hands and avoid jars.

If you have any questions about our Clean Touch Certification or just general questions about your upcoming HB’s Skin Boutique visit, please get in touch with me anytime.

We use PureGreen24 at our studio.
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Taking clients as of Monday, June 22nd.