7 Tips for managing acne & breakouts

girl squeezing her pimples

7 Tips for managing acne & breakouts

Controlling and managing breakouts can be exhausting and a daily chore for some. Regardless of the cause of the breakouts we treat the same. Below are some tips to help manage your skin.

1. Don’t ever got to bed without cleansing your face! We encounter dirt, dust, pollution, and not mention our own oil and sweat through out the day. Not to mention the makeup that we wear. Just imagine all of that resting on your skin while you sleep as it works its way into your follicles causing blockages.

2. Double cleanse morning and night. Your first cleanse should be an oil based water soluble oil. This will remove oil debre such as makeup and sunscreen and of course your own oil which tends to over produce in an acneic or oily skin type. Your second cleanse should be a prescribed ph balanced face cleanser, which will depend on your skin type and or condition. This will remove your water debre such as sweat.

3. Clean makeup brushes daily with an anti-bacterial anti-microbial soap, and make sure they dry completely. I like to have a spare set and rotate my brushes.

4. Clean sheets and pillowcases at least once a week. If your are unable to clean your pillow case that often then place a clean towel on top of your pillow.

5. DON’T ever pick or scratch! All the dirt and oils from your fingers will be left on your skin. Just like your Mama always said not to picker scratch at a scab, don’t pick or scratch at Zits and blackheads.

6. DON’T pop anything!! Always have a professional be the judge if the comedones can be extracted. Anything that has puss or a pink line around it(inflammation) should not be extracted. If inflammation is present that needs to be brought down first then the bacteria needs to be treated. If you “pop” it you risk breaking the follicle in the dermis. If blood comes out you’ve ruptured the wall and bacteria has now spread into the dermis causing more breakouts to occur.

7. If bacteria is present don’t use scrubs or any form of physical exfoliation. This will spread the bacteria all over. A better choice is ingredients such as Salycilic Acid, Niacinamide, Tea Tree oil, even lavender can help.