7 Tips for calming sensitive skin

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7 Tips for calming sensitive skin

Many of us suffer from sensitive skin, there are many reason that can cause sensitivity but in the end we treat it all the same way. Below are some helpful tips to calming your skin.

1. Remember the Less rule! Less time, Less heat, less product, less friction.

2. Helpful ingredients are Lavender, Aloe, Raspberry, and pharmaceutical-grade oatmeal.

3. When cleansing always use cool water. Not to cold and not to hot. If your skin is so sensitive that water even hurts it(think sunburn) then use a cleanser that can be used in waterless environments. Dermalogica makes a great one called Ultra calming cleanser, can be used with or without water. This formula can be tissued off.

4. Never use scrubs or anything abrasive. If you are either a sensitive skin type or just have sensitized skin any form off exfoliation might not be the best idea. Remember this when you are drying your skin with a towel. Sometimes even a towel if rubbed could be to abrasive.

5. Pollution can really sensitize even healthy skin, cleansing your skin before bed will remove the pollution and your skin will be able to repair itself.

6. Beware of micro-climates. An example of a micro-climate…imagine a cold winters day, you walk outside into the dry crisp air jump in your car and blast that heater. Your skin is an amazing breathing organ and can be sensitive. Obviously we can’t control the weather but we can learn how to treat and prevent inflammation from sensitivity. Dermalogica makes a product called barrier repair. This product creates a barrier between you and the elements, also works as a great primer too!

7. Try not to change up your products, figuring out your sensitivity to an ingredient or product is kinda like figuring out your food allergies. Less is best.